The Two

Film, Writing, Motion Graphic

Exploration of the relationship between my mother and I by analyzing who she was before giving birth to me, and digesting how generational and culture gaps created the distance between us.

The video explores our rocky relationship, and how necessary it was to understand her past in order to understand her current perspective.

I interviewed my mother during a trip to Columbus, Georgia. I focused on her experience growing up during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, her being a female entrepreneur, her physical disability, and her being a single mother of two during the one-child-only policy.

I used audio, bi-lingual script (Mandarin and English), old family photos, 35mm film camera, and painting collages mixed with motion graphics to present the emotional and psychological experience.
Year: 2021

Length: 09:46

- After Effects
- Photoshop
- Illustrator

Creative Method:
- writing
- in person interview
- voice over recording
- painting
- collage
- handwriting (bilingual)

- soundtrack editing 


© Tori Huang