Identity, 360 Branding

Milamore Fine Jewelry was launched in April 2019. 
I joined the team as the Visual Designer in August 2019,
As the key role of developing brand identity, style guides, and responsible for the overall graphic and typography design solutions.

During my time with Milamore, we were able to establish a brand identity and a visual design system that communicated Milamore's business personality and shaped the clients perception of who Milamore is.

As a result, the successful branding increased global sales and contributed to strengthening the investor relation with the brand.
Year: 2020

Design Areas:
– brand manual guidelines
(logo, color palette, typography, tone of voice, etc.)
– packaging 
– social media
– presentation
– website 
– brochure 
– signage
– event poster
– retail print collateral 
– physical product design 
– campaign press release


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