I am a visual designer, born in Beijing, based in Queens, NYC.

My work has a diverse range spanning across brand identity, art direction, spatial and web design.
Currently: Graphic Designer at Datadog.  Previously: Art Director at Creative Drive Fashion & Beauty, independent freelance designer for small and big brands in NYC.

In the past, I have experienced the creative world through my different lenses (eg: photographer, creative marketer, editorial nail artist in the production and advertising industry, etc. )

Being an immigrant living in America for more than a decade empowers me to deal with challenges and helps me become a better person. Indeed an ongoing process. It is rough and rewarding at the same time because I find myself:
- unique 🍄️
- resilient and flexible 🎍️
- aiming to practise a positive cycle of:
gaining perspectives 🔄 being a better/empathetic listener 

Things that I spend my time on these days: teaching elderly Mandarin (volunteer at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House), experimenting with healthy cooking, learning about sociology, dancing, making my own music, reading, make art with friends, going to live performances, quality conversations with other humans.

Everyone’s path and story is unique and special. I aim to use my communication and design skills to make meaningful impacts and help others in things that I do believe in.


Salenta and Topu
Live Footage
Milamore Fine Jewelry
Dirty Labs
La Mer
Brooks Brothers


Email: toriyhuang@gmail.com

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